Laufende Forschung

Gemeinsame experimentelle Forschungsprojekte

  • Extracorporeal xenoperfusion of porcine extremities to assess the effect of transgenic modification of donor pigs. R. Rieben, E. Vögelin, M. Constantinescu, R. Sfriso, A. Bongoni (Melbourne), N. Klymiuk (München), E. Wolf (München), J. Seebach (Genf), H. Niemann (Hannover)
  • Characterization of the immune mechanisms of allograft rejection and acceptance in hind-limb transplanted rats. R. Olariu, F. M. Leclère, E.Vögelin, A. Taddeo, J. Leckenby, D. Dzhonova, R. Rieben
  • Extracorporal limb perfusion for delayed macroreplantation using cytoprotective agents. R. Rieben, E. Vögelin, M. Constantinescu, M. Abdelhafez, D. Sutter, J. Schnider, A.Taddeo, R. Sfriso, P. Garimella
  • The role of locally used tacrolimus (FK 506) in nerve regeneration. R.Olariu, J. Leckenby, R. Rieben, A.Taddeo, E. Hever, M. Constantinescu, E. Vögelin
  • Targeting the lymphatic system for modulating immune rejection and promoting tolerance in vascularized composite allotransplantation R. Olariu, A. Taddeo, J. Leckenby, E. Vögelin, R Rieben
  • Effect of lymphatic tissue transfer on vascularized composite allografts A Taddeo, R. Olariu, E. Vögelin, R Rieben
  • Localized immunosuppression with TGMS-TAC for loing-term survival of VCA in a rat model D. Djonova, A. Taddeo, R.Olariu, J. Leckenby, R. Rieben, M. Constantinescu, E. Vögelin
  • Tissue engeneering of vascularized nerve A. Taddeo, Jerome Duisit, I. Lese, R. Olariu, Tsering Wüthrich, Lengelè

Plastische Chirurgie Experimentelle Forschungsprojekte

  • Lymph node including hindlimb transplantation in rats – A feasibility study R. Olariu, J. Leckenby, I. Lese, D. Graf
  • Increasing Perforator Flap Survival by Augmenting Arterial Inflow and/or Decreasing Venous Tone: Experimental Study R. Olariu, H. Moser, I. Lese, M. Constantinescu
  • Modification of the VRAM flap to allow univariate arterial anastomosis analysis C. Fischlin, J. Leckenby
  • The role of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in vascularized composite allotransplantation J. Leckenby, R. Olariu, O. Bleiziffer
  • Increasing perforator flap survivial by laser delay: A study of an alternative method to surgical delay in a rat model R. Olariu, A. Taddeo
  • The role of nanoparticles in preventing seroma formation on a rat model R. Olariu, I. Lese, A. taddeo, M. Constantinescu
  • In-vivo proof of Laser-assited vascular anastomosis (LAVA) in pigs: An alternative to suturing J. Leckenby, M. Constantinescu
  • Use of nanoparticles to increase perforator flap survival R. Olariu, I. Lese, A. Taddeo, M. Constantinescu
  • Tissue engeneering of vascularized nerve A. Taddeo, Jerome Duisit, I. Lese, R. Olariu, Tsering Wüthrich, Lengelè

Klinische Forschungsprojekte

  • Soft Tissue Infections in Patients suffering from Polytoxicomania. Ch. Tschumi, S. Rossi, J. Rothenberger, M. Constantinescu
  • Lymph node Identification in skin Malignancy using Indocyanine green Transcutaneously (LIMIT) Study. R. Olariu, J. Leckenby, I. Lese, M. Constantinescu
  • Outcome of medial thigh lifts with limited skin undermining and periosteal anchoring of dermal flaps in post-bariatric patients R. Olariu, T. Hirschi, I. Lese, M. Constantinescu
  • A single-unit retrospective study on free flaps: a 10-year experience I. Lese, R. Biedermann, S. Rossi, M. Constantinescu
  • Comorbidities and complications: a single-center prospective study on distal lower extremity defect reconstruction with propeller flaps R. Olariu, I. Lese, M. Constantinescu
  • ALT vs. Scapular Flap for Lower R. Olariu, D. Harder, R. Ipaktchi, J. Leckenby, M. Constantinescu
  • Turnover Sartorius Flap - a reliable local coverage for expose inguinal vessels G. Heil, R. Olariu, M. Constantinsecu
  • Remote ischemic preconditioning in reconstruction of the lower limb I. Bayard C. Tschumi M. Constantinescu
  • Are the classical radiological silicone implant rupture sings still reliable? Ch.Tschumi, A. Koch, M. Constantinescu

Handchirurgie Experimentelle Forschungsprojekte

  • Locally delivered Immunosuppression for vascularized composite Allotransplantation. A. Taddeo, E. Vögelin
  • Delivery of rapamycin using in situ forming implants induces immunoregulatory mechanisms promoting vascularized composite allograft survival D. Sutter, D. V. Dzhonova, J.-C. Prost, C. Bovet, Y. Banz, J.-C. Leroux B.Pharm, R.Rieben, E.Vögelin, J. A. Plock, P. Luciani, A. Taddeo, J. T. Schnider,

Klinische Forschungsprojekte

  • Kispi - Finger and handinjuries in a pediatric emergency department - a 15 month review from a Swiss tertiary hospital C. Surke, E. Vögelin
  • Are there any astronomical or seasonal risk factors for dog or cat bite injuries? R. Meier, L. Haug, P. Schmid, C. Surke, E. Vögelin
  • Ultrasonographic evaluation of Peripheral nerves after traumatic injury and nerve repair (median, ulnar or radial nerves) B. Juon Personeni, E. Vögelin
  • High-resolution Computed Tomography for Clinical Imaging of Scaphoidpseudarthrose at the wrist - Extreme CT C. Surke, E. Vögelin
  • Treatment of metacarpal fractures by means of a photodynamic polymer (IlluminOss). C. Surke, L. Haug; R. Flückiger, E. Vögelin
  • Erfassung von Komplikationen nach Beugesehnenbehandlung mit CAM (Controlled Active Motion) Schema. E. Oberfeld, Ch. Wirz
  • Prospektive analysis of tisue toxicity of Octenisept in hand wounds S. Langen, C. Surke, E. Vögelin
  • Complications after surgical decompression of peroneal nerve ganglions: A retrospective case review. C. Wirtz, S. Rossi, E. Vögelin
  • Is Every MRI Suspected Schwannoma a Benign Tumor? E. L. Schmid, R. Meier, E. Vögelin
  • Beurteilung der funktionellen Nervenregeneration mittels Diffusions-Tensor-Bildgebung im MRI. J. Schnider, O. Scheidegger, R. West, E. Vögelin
  • Pyrocarbon Interposition Arthroplasty (Amandys) for the Wrist: Early Results of a Prospective Case Series. R. Meier, C. Surke, E. Bodmer, D. Bignion; E. Vögelin
  • Retrospektive Analyse nach Xiapex-Infiltration und Vergleich zur partiellen Fasziektomie (M. Dupuytren-MD) S. Kohl, E. Vögelin
  • Septic Arthritis of the Small Joints and Wrist. R. Meier, T. Wirth, P. Sendi, E. Vögelin
  • Langzeit Follow up - Retrospektive Analyse nach Xiapex-Infiltration und Vergleich zur partiellen Fasziektomie (M. Dupuytren-MD) S. Sutter, E. Vögelin
  • Radiolunotriquetral Bone-Ligament Autograft as an additional L. Haug, D. Bignion, E. Vögelin
  • Analysis of animal bites concerning duration of hospitalization, overall treatment and costs. L. Haug, R. Meier, E. Vögelin
  • Biomechanical analysis of carpal instability after resection of distal pole of the scaphoid, partial and total trapeziectomy. L. Haug, E. Vögelin
  • Dorsal bone-ligament-bone reconstruction of chronic lunotriquetral instability. T. Adler, R. Meier, E. Vögelin
  • Does the anatomy of the cubital tunnel give a hint of ulnar nerve instability? T. Adler J. Henning, E. Vögelin
  • Semiokklusive Foilienbehandlung bei Fingerkuppenverletzungen. L. Haug (Betreuung Masterstudentin, ab 2017)
  • Sonography-guided percutaneous A1 pulley release D. Sutter, E. Vögelin
  • Ergebnisse nach Beugesehnenverletzungen der Langfinger und des Daumens in den Zonen 1- 3: eine (Schweizer) Multicenter-Studie: Erfassung von möglichen Einflussfaktoren auf das Behandlungsergebnis PD Dr. med. M. Calcagni USZ,